Making Your Home Office Work for You

Making Your Home Office Work for You

Posted 09/12/2014

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

Home is generally the place many retreat from a long day at the office. But for a growing number of mobile professionals, home offices are becoming an integral part of the daily routine. Whether you work full-time from your home, or have a job with odd-hours that prompt early morning or late night sessions, having the right environment is half of the productivity battle.

Here are a few easy ways to make your home office work for you:

No matter where your workspace is, its common knowledge that having an organized office is the first step to success. There are a number of easy and affordable DIY ways to keep everything in its place. A couple of our favorites:

  • Tin Can Sorters – save your aluminum cans from a few weeks of dinner prep and DIY your way into an adorable and functional organizer for your pens, scissors and other small items.
  • Easy Cord Organizer – from cell phones to iEverythings, there are more cords floating around than many of us may care to admit. Snag an old box or some toilet paper rolls and create an easy way to keep them all in order.

Getting through the daily grind can often be an uphill battle. Put the odds in your favor by working inspirational and motivational quotes into your home office décor. There are a number of free printables that are as beautiful as they are encouraging (not to mention, as easy as can be).

Make your home office work overtime by creating functional pieces from existing furnishings. Paint the back of a door, file cabinet or table top with chalkboard paint for a surface that doubles as a place for to-do list and reminders. Or, select an ottoman with storage space under the tuft to keep books, boxes or other things that might otherwise clutter your space.

For more ideas on how to keep your home office organized and all-around awesome, head over to our Pinterest page.