Home Maintenance For Fall

Home Maintenance For Fall

Posted 09/19/2012

Get your home geared up for fall! [Photo Credit: Home Depot Blogs]
For many Arizona residents, we have been waiting ever-so-patiently for this day to come and we are thrilled to announce that it is soon to be here. Summer officially ends this Saturday, September 22. Soon the 110+ degree days will be simply a memory and we can all enjoy cooler days and crisp autumn nights.

In preparation for the Grand Canyon State’s most beloved season, homeowners must take a moment to get their properties prepped for the season change. As safety is a core value of the Maracay Homes building, buying and owning experience, we’d like to take this moment to remind folks of a few things to tend to around the house to ensure that everything is in top condition during the cooler months.

Here are a few upkeep tips that will save you money and unnecessary headaches in the coming season:

  • Firm Up The Foundation: Save money and keep the heat in by caulking and re-sealing cracks around your home’s foundation, doors and windows. According to a spokesperson from Lowe’s, heating and cooling counts for 47 percent of your whole utility bill, so taking these extra measures on the outside will help you keep warm on the inside while preventing an expensive utility bill.
  • Set Yourself Up for Spring: If you let your grass die out during the cooler fall and winter seasons, be sure to fertilize it with high phosphorous fertilizer in order to have healthy and bright green grass come spring time.
  • Protect Your Overhead: Point your sights upwards to ensure that your roof is in proper, functioning condition. Check shingles to avoid cracks or rotting and be sure to clear any debris such as dead tree limbs off to prevent further damage.
  • Circle Back: It’s not too cold yet, but once those temperatures drop to an unreasonable temperature, you will want all the heat you can get. Other than making sure your heater is working properly and producing the right amount of heat, you can change the direction of your ceiling fan. Changing the direction creates an upward draft that redistributes hot air.
  • Keep Your Cool: Air conditioners in Arizona work overtime every summer and to make sure it will be working next summer, vacuum out the internal parts to clean out the garbage that found their way in during monsoons and wind storms. Drape a tarp over outside units to prevent rusting from autumn rain.

For more on how to keep your home in top-notch shape year-round, check out our Maracay Homes Homeowners Maintenance Checklist.