Home Design Trends: Navy is Now

Home Design Trends: Navy is Now

Posted 08/10/2012

From fashion trends to home design, the basic neutrals have always been black, white and gray. Though beautifully classic and certainly safe, the traditional neutrals leave room for a bit more imagination and the ever-desired pop of color. This year, interior designers (and clothing designers, too) have determined one color to be the remedy, naming it the hot new neutral– that’s right, navy is the new black. The dark, stormy blue is picking up steam in very prominent places, being seen everywhere from the walls of homes to the awnings of Paris.

In the 1980’s, deep tones of navy, ruby and emerald were huge in home décor and, as they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself. Dark shades of blue are known to be a little more serious than other hues, so navy can add an easy touch of regal elegance to any room.

Using navy as a neutral means that it can be paired with almost any other color. Everything from a classic navy and white nautical theme to the modern contrast of navy and bright sunny colors- such as magenta, yellow or turquoise- everything is fair game. Nervous that your room will look too with dark navy walls? Accent with bright accessories for an unexpectedly chic look. The combinations are virtually endless, lending navy as the perfect foundation for a fabulous space.

Want to take the trend one step further? Move beyond the basics of paint and fabric and make a statement with your staples. Marine blue and siltstone countertops have been making waves as a neutral stone that can be paired with cream-colored or white cabinets in both kitchens and bathrooms.

However you may use it, this bright new basic will bring your home up to trend while still offering a classic look that won’t wear you out when the seasons change. Give it a try!