Home Building for Boomers

Home Building for Boomers

Posted 09/12/2013



More than 78 million strong, baby boomers are reaching retirement age (65) at record pace—10,000 per day, to be exact— and living years longer than previous generations. This drastic change in U.S. demographics is creating both challenges and opportunities for home builders and developers as they seek to manage boomers’ demands for homes that match the way they want to live. Here are some of the most prominent trends in active adult living, according to multiple experts:

Connection:  Whether it be family or neighbors, baby boomers want to form bonds with those around them.  The age-old desire to retire alone, away from the noise, is becoming extinct as older adults crave connection with their neighbors.

Convenience: Development features have shifted from the extravagant to the practical as baby boomers desire simplicity and convenience in their busy lifestyles. Many working way beyond retirement age, older adults have less time to keep up with high-maintenance amenities. Larger yards are being replaced with outdoor rooms and bigger patios for entertaining guests. Yard design has shifted from high-maintenance lawns to decorative landscaping or flower beds for gardening enthusiasts.

Customization: Homes with multi-purpose flex rooms are popular with active boomers who might need office, entertainment or exercise space. Maracay Homes takes customization a step further with its online FlexDesign® program that allows prospective buyers to design their dream home from the convenience of their own computer.

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