Ho-Ho-Holiday Recipes

Ho-Ho-Holiday Recipes

Posted 12/18/2012
This chocolate-citrus cake with candied oranges will satisfy any sweet tooth. [Photo Credit: Southern Living]

Holiday dinners typically are filled with the traditional turkey, ham, cranberry sauce and pies. Though tradition is wonderful, bringing new dishes into the dinner rotation can add spice to the season. Try wowing guests with these recipes that will make them think you slaved away in the kitchen all day.

Put an East Coast twist on your Christmas Dinner by adding lobster to your holiday menu. The Roasted Lobster with Onion and Honey Jam recipe may sound too fancy for a family gathering, but the recipe is easy! The onion and honey jam are the perfect complements to the lobster. If you are a striving for a meatless dinner, this pumpkin stuffed with bread chunks, cheese, thyme and more will satisfy anyone’s hunger.

To accompany appetizers and main courses, serve the adults festive cocktails. The hot buttered rum cocktail will warm up any Scrooge’s heart with its classic combination of brown sugar, cinnamon and rum. Update sparkling cider by adding whiskey and pears to create this cider cocktail.

For those with a sweet tooth, move beyond the fudge and gingerbread cookies with new holiday desserts that will surely delight guests. Try baking a spice apple cake spiked with brandy and currants. Fruitcake may not be the most popular dessert on the menu, but it might become a family favorite if you update the old recipe with a  couple new twists. This chocolate-citrus cake with candied oranges is a decadent ending to any holiday feast.

What new recipes are you excited to try this holiday season?

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