High Temps and Low Energy Bills

High Temps and Low Energy Bills

Posted 05/15/2013

Air conditioners blast cold air. Fans spin at high speed. Pool filters clean after swimmers seek refuge. Here were are, mid-May, and already experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees.

The impending heat that starts in late spring and lasts through early fall can make Phoenicians’ electricity bills sky rocket. And although all Maracay homes have earned the Energy Star label, there are still things that can be done to keep energy costs down throughout the season.

mar fridgeIn the Kitchen
Using cooking appliances like ovens and stoves can really heat up the house, so try using smaller appliances like toaster ovens, electric skillets and slow cookers to prepare meals.

When it comes to keeping food at a cool temperature, don’t set the temperature colder than necessary. The refrigerator can be kept between 36° and 42° Fahrenheit and the freezer can be kept between -5° and 6° Fahrenheit. Also, while you are adjusting the temperatures, be sure to check that doors seal tightly so cold air doesn’t escape, making your fridge work harder.

In the Air
Before the summer heat gets unbearably hot, have your air conditioning unit tuned up by a professional. This is a great way to both save energy and prevent a unit failure halfway through summer.

To maximize the use of your air conditioner, use the ceiling fan at the same time. Fans circulate the cool air from the A/C, making the house feel cooler without having to adjust the temperature. Also be sure to have your fan direction blowing air down.

In the Bathroom
You wouldn’t think that a leaky faucet could cause your energy bills, along with your water bills, to creep up, but it can. The leaky faucet can add dollars to your energy bill for heating the water that is not used.

Looking for even more ways to save energy? Check out the Living Smart section on Maracay Homes’ website