Helping Your Landscape Thrive in the Summer

Helping Your Landscape Thrive in the Summer

Posted 07/18/2017

Arizona summers can be detrimental to any unprepared landscape. With average temperatures routinely hitting the triple digits, maintaining a lush landscape in the warmer months can definitely be a challenge. That’s why it’s critical to give your landscape a little extra TLC during this time of year and adhere to these best practices when tending to your plants.

Below are four tips to keep your landscape in tip-top shape throughout the summer:

Watch Your Watering
Watering in the early morning or evening helps keep evaporation to a minimum and allows plants to absorb as much water as possible. Watering more thoroughly and less frequently will also promote deep root growth, which means a longer life span for plants.

Add Water-Efficient Plants
Annuals and perennials can add beautiful pops of color to any landscape. As an added bonus, choosing water-efficient varieties suited for the Arizona climate can require less maintenance than grass or other plant types. A few colorful options for both plants and trees include acacias, aloes, agave, palo verde and sage.

Mind Your Mowing
Did you know that if you keep your grass a little taller, this reduces the chance of dryness and weeds? To allow for even more moisture, leave grass clippings on top of the lawn and allow the nutrients and moisture to help create healthier grass.

Don’t Over Prune
Fight the urge to purge your shrubs and trees of overgrowth during the summer months, as trimming exposes the plants to more of the sun’s heat. Pruning also stimulates growth, which requires more water. The more plants and trees grow, the larger their shades canopies become, providing natural heat protection for your landscape and home.