Grill that Grub for Father’s Day

Grill that Grub for Father’s Day

Posted 06/13/2013

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

In most homes, the grill is Dad’s domain. Behind the barbeque, he can show off his skills, creating fun meals for the whole family.  But as Father’s Day approaches, give Dad a well-deserved break and treat him to a dinner he doesn’t have to make.

No matter his taste, a little creativity behind the grill can transport Dad to a variety of delicious locales. Take a figurative trip to Kansas City with this recipe for classic ribs that drip with flavorful sauce.  Or take diners down to New Orleans and treat them to Cajun shrimp with Remoulade sauce. For dads who like it hot, try some spicy garlic lamb.

If your pops isn’t a meat and potatoes type, grill some vegetables for a smoky flavor that will perfectly complement the meatier portions of the dinner. These recipes for Greek-style squash and bacon-wrapped asparagus are heartier than a salad but still add a lighter element to the meal than starches will – perfect for summer.

For those who want to get extra creative, try your hand at making pizza with caramelized onions on the grill for a flavor that tastes like it was just pulled from a brick oven. For a more vegetarian-friendly option, grill a vegetable pizza using tortillas as the dough for a different twist.

And of course, no holiday is complete without dessert. Yes, you can grill your desserts, too. Heat up pound cake with espresso chocolate or pair grilled fruit with a light, summery sorbet.

Whatever you will be whipping up on Sunday, June 16, enjoy it! Happy Father’s Day!