Green Living Tips for Earth Month.

Green Living Tips for Earth Month.

Posted 04/17/2019

Earth Month is not only the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the sites and sceneries of our beautiful planet, but also an opportunity to start living a little more green. For anyone who’s followed Maracay for the past decade, it should come as no surprise that we consistently build our homes with the environment in mind.

This month, we encourage everyone to join us in living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle by adding a few easy changes into your daily routine. Don’t know where to start? Check out our favorite tips below – you’ll be surprised at what a difference they can make for your health, your wallet and our planet.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving your indoor air quality can be a challenge during Arizona’s harsh heat waves – no one wants to increase their electric bill or let in all of the horrendous hot weather. Thankfully, there are a variety of other ways to improve your indoor air quality while conserving energy.

Keep it clean: A clean home is a happy, healthy and environmentally-friendly home. Vacuum and dust all the floors and surfaces in your space regularly to remove unwanted dust and reduce the number of allergens lurking around.

Change your filters: Change your air filters regularly to improve the overall air quality in your home. Clean out your air ducts and remove any unwanted dust particles to keep everyone in the family healthy and free from allergens and congestion.

Break out the air purifier: Use an air purifier to reduce the number of indoor allergens in your home, keeping it fresh and clean all day long. Investing in a dehumidifier for damp areas of the house will also help to keep your home ventilated with excellent air quality. Water Savings

Water Savings

Water is an important part of our daily routine. In fact, the average resident uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. So, in celebration of Earth Month, try to cut down on your water intake by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving, taking shorter showers, installing water-saving shower heads and fixing any leaky faucets. These simple and easy tips will be sure to make a difference on your daily water usage and help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Water-friendly Landscaping

A large part of our water consumption goes toward keeping our landscaping looking pristine and colorful all year long. Conserve rain water and direct it to where it is most needed, bring in rocks of all shapes and sizes to spruce up your landscaping, and find drought-tolerant plants that are able to survive on lower amounts of water. Every bit of water conservation helps.

LivingSmart® Home

Maracay residents are already one step closer to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. We value high-performing homes, not only for the cost-saving benefits, but because owning an environmentally-friendly home is the right thing to do. That’s why all of our homes come fully equipped with our LivingSmart® program.

What does that mean? LivingSmart® is a comprehensive approach to responsible development, high-performing homes and cost-savings for residents. It means we use sustainable materials to craft our homes.  It means we implement the latest technologies and eco-friendly building practices for increased comfort and energy efficiency. It means you can rest assured knowing your family’s health is protected in your home while the value of your home is increased.

Additionally, if you decide to purchase one of our sustainable move-in ready homes this season, you will also receive a complimentary, energy-efficient refrigerator, washer and dryer as part of our Savings In Bloom Event.

Make the choice to live greener this Earth Month and join us on our journey toward an eco-friendlier lifestyle.