Gold Medal Entertaining Ideas

Gold Medal Entertaining Ideas

Posted 07/27/2012

Tonight marks the Opening Ceremony of the 30th Olympic games and already the buzz is seems to have hit a new peak. In anticipation of special moments from U.S. greats like Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps and the Fab Five girls gymnastics team, we look forward to one of the best parts of the Games: communities coming together to cheer and celebrate through every medal-worthy moment.

To keep the spirit of community alive in your area, grab your neighbors and root on Team USA with a get-together full of Olympic-inspired treats and decorations throughout the coming weeks. Check out some of these gold-medal ideas:


Olympic dishes courtesy of Anabel Karmel

The multi-colored rings that are the international symbol for the Olympics can be made out of a medley of different types of food. Toast bagels and use different color toppings like cucumbers, olives or red peppers to represent the hues. Or set out some donuts with different colored sprinkles to satisfy a sweet tooth. You can also bake up cupcakes and frost them into that iconic symbol, too.

And if the rings get overused, ice cream cones make perfect Olympic torches! Light the candles in your own torch lighting ceremony. Fill some cones with ice cream and some with cupcake batter and bake for treats to satisfy everyone.

Olympic decor thanks to Hostess With The Mostess

Décor: The Olympic rings can also be incorporated into the decorations. Paint plates in the colors of the rings and hang them up in the iconic design.  Or use gold plates to symbolize gold medals.

With the Olympics being in London this year, you can’t go wrong with Union Jack decorations. From tablecloths to napkins and hanging flags, there are endless ideas that can incorporate this design. And to support the USA (or whatever country you hail from) be sure to fly your flag of choice!

Games: Not all Olympic games can be played in a backyard. We can leave long-distance cycling, synchronized high dive and equestrian events to the world’s best athletes. Easy games that can be re-created for a party with neighborhood kids include foot races, swimming and the long jump. Have a closing ceremony complete with an award podium to distribute medals to your future Olympians.


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