Go Green, Save Green

Go Green, Save Green

Posted 09/10/2013
Blue Pylons / Foter / CC BY

Owning a home is an incredible financial commitment so inevitably, we all appreciate savings where we can get them. That is, without sacrificing the quality and comforts that we expect for our families. Fortunately, when it comes to saving energy, cutting costs translates to improving environments – both at home and beyond.

Maracay Homes has become an industry leader in the ‘green’ game, providing a multi-pronged approach at eco-friendly building and living. Through programs such as LivingSmart® and partnerships with leading conscious companies like ENERGY STAR®, our homes have been engineered to be environmentally mindful, resulting in a cost effective and healthful home ownership.

The culmination of these environmentally friendly choices results in what the home building industry knows as a HERS Rating. In short, the Home Energy Rating System® provides a numeric indicator of how energy efficient a home is based upon building techniques, appliances and other measurements. The HERS baseline, 100, reflects a home built to widely accepted standards, but the lower the rating the better. As the barometer moves closer to zero, the more energy efficient a home is. So where do we stack up? The majority of Maracay Homes are rated between 50 and 60, providing top-tier quality, and added savings, for new buyers.

But whether you’re buying new or looking to improve on your current property, there are always a number of choices you can make to keep your costs down and energy efficiency up:

  • Start Small: Smaller appliances use less energy so opt to use them whenever possible. Forego heating up the house with your oven when your toaster oven or slow cooker will suffice.
  • Keep It Clean: Clean appliances run better. We all know to change our air conditioning filters, but what about the dishwasher, refrigerator and dryer? All of these appliances have coils and filters that should be kept dust free for better usage.
  • Pull the Plug: Whether it’s on, in use or not, keeping a device plugged in uses energy at all times. Eliminate waste by unplugging phone chargers, small appliances, hair styling tools and other table-top electronics when you aren’t utilizing them.