Classic Front Porches Make a Comeback

Classic Front Porches Make a Comeback

Posted 11/04/2014

Verrado Palisades

Few things say Americana quite like a front porch. Think rocking chairs and swings. Neighbors chatting over a cold glass of lemonade while their kids play together in the front yard. And, spouses relishing a pleasant evening breeze and each other’s company after a long day at work. Before air conditioning drove everyone indoors, and fenced-in backyards became all the rage, front porches were where people built and maintained relationships.

Now, as post-recession homebuyers renew their interest in creating community with one another and re-connecting with a simpler time, front porches are making a comeback. According to a Census survey of construction, two-thirds of new homes built in 2011 included front porches.

Maracay Homes embraced the front porch trend a couple years ago when creating the New Arizona Living Collection. You’ll find front porches included in the Signature Collection of home designs in several of our communities, including Vaquero Ranch in Chandler and Verrado Palisades in Buckeye.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a front porch, get out there and enjoy it. Our beautiful Arizona fall weather practically begs you to come outside. There’s plenty to do on the porch once you get there. Think of it as an extension of your living room, perfect for spending time with friends and family. Need some fresh ideas? You’re in luck. Here are a dozen of our favorites:

  1. Form a book club with your neighbors and invite them over for a meeting on your porch
  2. Do homework with a child
  3. Install a ceiling fan to make hanging out exceptionally comfortable
  4. Hang a wind chime
  5. Call a friend or parent you haven’t spoken with lately
  6. Solve a crossword puzzle
  7. Catch up on a good book
  8. Fold clothes with your kids (everything’s more fun when you do it outside)
  9. If you play an instrument, like the guitar, perform a song for the neighborhood kids
  10. Invite a couple of neighbors over for a coupon or recipe-swapping party

Backyards may still be king when it comes to the quintessential Arizona version of relaxation and recreation. But, if it’s family connection and a sense of neighborhood camaraderie you seek, a front porch is hard to beat.