Front Porch Living

Front Porch Living

Posted 04/14/2017

Once a mainstay in home designs of the early 1900s, the front porch not only served as a haven from the elements but a gateway to the community where neighbors connected and told stories while children played in the front yard.

But not long ago, our beloved front porches were replaced by garages and relegated to the backyard where they would become known simply as decks. Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there, and it looks like this quaint, but functional, design element from bygone days is headed for a comeback. That’s right. The front porch has returned and Maracay Homes is embracing the trend with open arms. Take a look at some of our unique options:

Not only does a front porch add curb appeal and character to the home, it provides additional space for doing what generations before us thrived on – connecting with the ones who mean the most.

Porch 2

Invite the neighbors over to enjoy a cool beverage on warm Saturday afternoon, or take the homework outside on cool spring evening inside this cozy courtyard at our Center Pointe Vistoso neighborhood in Oro Valley, just outside of Tucson.


With homebuyers’ renewed interest in creating community, a front porch like this shaded veranda at Morrison Ranch in Gilbert, makes it much easier to reconnect to a simpler time.

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