Flooring Trends for 2014

Flooring Trends for 2014

Posted 05/22/2014

When we think about home design trends we often look around us for wall colors, next to us for furniture silhouettes and in front of us for everything from sinks to counter tops. But what lies beneath us? Floors! The sometimes forgotten foundation of your room, great flooring can set the tone for exceptional design. Think of it as the canvas you build upon to pull the whole look together.

In 2014, a few fabulous flooring trends have come to the forefront:

Whimsical Wood
By far one of the most burgeoning trends for 2014, wood floors are becoming more than the high-gloss shades of chestnut we’ve become accustomed to. Textured, reclaimed and low-gloss woods are finding their way into newer homes seeking a more natural (and manageable) feel. Our favorite new way to use wood? In the kitchen! This wood floor in our new Northlands kitchen gives a casual, cool twist on what can often be a home’s most traditional room.  

Lighten Up
In the last 20 years, dark espresso-toned floors were wildly popular but more modern home design calls for a lighter look. Lighter floors show less wear and tear than dark tones as scratches and dust become less noticeable. And, bringing a bright foundation to a room opens it up to feel more airy and clean (even if the floor itself may not be). Talk about a win-win.


Bigger Can Be Better
As we see an ever-increasing array of designs and patterns in fabrics and wallpapers, flooring is of no exception. Large format tile is gaining popularity as it gives an interesting take on the traditionally 12” x 12” look. Aside from looking cool, larger tile means there is less grout to clean; something every home owner can appreciate.

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