Flexible Rooms For Any Family

Flexible Rooms For Any Family

Posted 11/21/2014

Every family is unique. From size and structure down to hobbies and traditions, no two households are necessarily the same. So why do homes come in cookie-cutter floorplans? At Maracay, we understand the value of customization; buyers should have choices for the way they want to live. And we understand that sometimes, those wants change over time. Enter the flex room.

These expertly designed spaces offer buyers a number of options within the structure of their home. Rooms can easily be arranged to suit a number of needs and desires, and easily be changed again down the line. Here are a few of our favorites:


Bonus Rooms
The name says it all. Bonus rooms are those that are designed to be anything and everything you can imagine. Indoor bar? Billiard’s room? Homework hideaway? It’s all easily possible with this exceptionally-flexible space.


Lofts provide an open-air style that’s great for family connectivity away from the more high-traffic areas like the kitchen or family room. Lofts are ideal for a game room, study space or somewhere for kids to be able to gather with their friends. If your children have a unique hobby, like singing or dancing perhaps, a loft is a great place to add a stage to allow them to practice comfortably at home.


Generation Suites
Traditionally designed for the ability to have aging parents or grandparents live with their family members, generation suites can be used for a variety of other functions too. They are also great for short or long term guests, a separate home office or studio, or a place for older children to have a space of their own. The purpose of the suite may change over time, but its convenience will always remain. 

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