Bringing Autumn In

Bringing Autumn In

Posted 10/02/2014

Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall has officially begun and, thankfully, has brought autumnal-like temperatures here to Arizona. Needless to say, we are already overjoyed. While parts of our state tend to lack the traditional fall foliage, Arizonans everywhere can still bring the season’s presence indoors with some simple yet inspired, autumn décor. Here are a few suggestions to add some DIY fall touches to your home:

Pumpkin Pedestals 
What’s more fall-festive than a pumpkin? Repurpose candleholders with small pumpkins or gourds atop to make great adornments for tabletops and shelves. Being able to select your own pumpkin colors, from muted whites to the brightest orange, will also allow you to coordinate with your other home décor. Better yet, these elegant but whimsical accessories can last from Halloween through Thanksgiving. 

Turn a New Leaf
We all know leaves to be the universal symbol for fall, but this year, mix things up with wheat. Wheat is a very festive, natural element for home décor and its simple cream-color goes harmoniously with just about every color palette. For an easy fall centerpiece, fill a vase with assorted acorns, nuts or pebbles and then top with stalks of wheat and thin branches. It’s the perfect combination of rustic beauty. 

Dare to Be Square
Wreaths are a great way to decorate your home and welcome guests at the same time. This year, break away from tradition and try a new shape. For a simple and chic DIY wreath, leave the sparkly wrappings at the store and grab an old picture frame. Simply glue acorns, almonds and other natural accessories to the frame and hang with a stylish ribbon. Easy, attractive and very seasonal.