What is a HERS Rating?

What is a HERS Rating?

Posted 08/22/2014

HERS-RatingEco-friendly features have become a mainstream part of the modern homebuyers’ vernacular. We know about the benefits of low-flow toilets, LED light bulbs and low VOC-paint. But how does that all add up in the overall footprint of your home? Enter the Home Energy Rating System®, better known as the HERS rating.

The HERS is a scale that represents the relative energy use of a home. The HERS baseline numeral, 100, reflects a home built to the widely adopted International Energy Conservation Code. The lower the score, the better your home performs. For instance, a home with a HERS rating of 0 produces as much energy as it consumes. In general, new homes perform better than existing builds as they allow for the incorporation of the latest green building techniques and leading energy efficient products.

Lowering the score can be done through a number processes that begin right from the start. During the building phase, the use of radiant barrier sheathing in roofing and attic insulation from recycled materials allows for increased efficiency. The considerations continue all the way to the end with the installation of responsible finishes like energy efficient appliances and lighting.

The HERS rating reflects a holistic look at a homes’ energy efficiency, prompting eco-minded builders to consider beneficial improvements every step of the way. At Maracay Homes, we’ve long been committed to providing Arizona homebuyers with the leading designs for energy efficient homes. And we’ve come a long way! In 2005 our most popular model boasted a 105 and today we are regularly building in the 50-60 range. These improvements mean a better quality of life for our buyers in both health and finance.

Want to see where your home (or future home) ranks? Enter your Maracay floorplan on our handy, interactive HERS Rating scale.