Live Smarter with Energy Efficient Homes

Live Smarter with Energy Efficient Homes

Posted 01/12/2015


Finding reasons to “go green” is easy. Evidence shows a switch to a more environmentally sustainable way of living can improve your health, protect the environment and even save money. But when it comes to actually implementing major (or even minor) lifestyle changes, many of us put it off, either because we feel like we don’t have the time or just simply don’t know where to start.

What if you could go green without any effort at all? What if your home did all the work for you? At Maracay Homes, we believe green homes are better-built homes. That’s why we continue to integrate the latest technologies in sustainable building practices through our LivingSmart® program, a comprehensive approach to developing high-performing homes that results in extra cost-savings for our homeowners.

Our LivingSmart program focuses on four “smart” components: health, energy, earth and water. To get a better idea of what this means, here’s a closer look:

HealthSmart™: We use eco-friendly building materials, such as low VOC paint and CRI-green label carpets and pads, as well as innovative attic insulation made from recycled material, which enhances the home’s quality of air and promotes a healthier lifestyle for our homeowners.

EnergySmart™: All Maracay Homes include 100 percent fluorescent lights throughout the home’s interior and exterior, resulting in a 70 percent cost savings for the home owner.

EarthSmart™: We use engineered wood products that not only improve structural characteristics but also comes from managed and renewable forests. We also recycle and reuse construction materials, including concrete, roof tiles and all job-site aggregate.

WaterSmart™: Our homes come fully-equipped with ENERGY STAR® appliances, climate-controlled irrigation valves and low-flow toilets, which use half the water as regular toilets. Additionally, each home includes showerheads and fixtures that use, on average, 20 percent less water without compromising water pressure.