New at Maracay: Radianz Quartz Countertops

New at Maracay: Radianz Quartz Countertops

Posted 09/10/2014


Countertops are the unsung heroes of the home. They provide support, beauty and functionality to any living space from the kitchen to the bathroom. You may not think of them often, but really, can you imagine your home without them?

Whether you imagine your dream home with  an expansive kitchen island or a wet bar for entertaining, aesthetic appeal and durability are important factors in selecting which materials to use for your counters in any room. Add being eco-friendly to the mix and you may have found the ideal surface – and you can find it right in your new Maracay home.

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our LivingSmart® program: Radianz Quartz countertops from Samsung Surfaces USA. These innovative materials combine nature and technology to create gorgeous quartz countertops that are substantially harder, virtually maintenance-free and, perhaps most importantly, feature pre-consumer recycled content to lower environmental impact. .  

The Radianz quartz surface is non-porous. What does this mean? There is no need to have them sealed like granite countertops. Simple detergent and water will suffice to maintain  color and shine. Radianz is also virtually heat, scratch and stain resistant- although not entirely indestructible- so your counters will be more durable and ultimately last longer.

Radianz’s non-porous surface, along with its high durability, creates the most hygienic environment for preparing and cooking food. The  counter remains virtually bacteria-free when they are maintained properly, as  resist bacteria growth and stains unlike other natural stone countertops. So feel free to save a plate and use the counter the next time you make a PB&J.

Not only are Radianz countertops stunning and incredibly resilient, they are also environmentally responsible. Maracay Homes has selected five shades of Radianz countertops that are composed of pre-consumer recycled content, to complement our other EarthSmart™ home features like our low-fiber flooring and Trus Joist® engineered wood products to lessen our impact on the Earth, and on your pocket book.