Easing into the Back-to-School Routine

Easing into the Back-to-School Routine

Posted 08/10/2015


Can you believe it’s already August? Time flies when you’re having fun. As the vacation season comes to an end, it’s time for both parents and kids to settle into a new back-to-school routine. Start the school year off right with these tips to help ease the transition for everyone. A new school year can be scary for some; the more prepared you are, the better.

Nightly Routine: Get your kids into a bedtime routine. Before going to bed, have them pick out their clothes for the next day and pack up their backpacks. This will not only save time in the morning, but will help ensure they have everything they need before they leave the house in the morning.

  • Parent Tip: Try packing lunches the night before, too. No sense in rushing to make a turkey sandwich when you have to get ready for your day, as well. Put the lunches in the fridge with their names on them so they know which one to grab on their way out the door.

Backpack Necessities: Stock backpacks with Band-Aids, sunscreen and a reusable water bottle. Band-Aids come in handy if the kids happen to fall on the playground or if their new shoes give them a blister. Remind them to put on sunscreen before heading off to recess during the day and make sure they have plenty of water, just in case they get stuck at the bus stop for longer than expected.

  • Parent Tip: Write your phone number or store your business card inside your children’s backpacks. This way, they can always reach you, even if they don’t have your phone number memorized.

Buddy System: Do your kids walk or ride their bikes to school? Make sure they have a buddy for their journey. It’s also a great way to meet other kids and families in the neighborhood.

  • Parent Tip: Do you have a plan in place if your kids beat you home? Before a situation like this arises, have a plan in place with one of your neighbors. Maybe the kids can hang at their house until you’re home.

Use Caution: Remind your kids the importance of looking both directions before crossing the street and to always use a crosswalk.

  • Parent Tip: Be extra cautious driving through your neighborhood. Obey school zone speed limits and slow down as you drive through the neighborhood. Watch for kids who are out on the streets waiting for the bus or walking home from school.