Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Posted 04/22/2015

Earth Day

While planet Earth may not exactly have a birthday, every year on April 22, people all over the world come together to celebrate the magnificence of Earth, and the environmental movement to sustain and preserve the beautiful, wondrous surroundings and resources that it provides. At Maracay Homes, sustainability is a top priority as we build our new homes to be ENERGY STAR certified, meaning more energy efficient operations to save owners money while conserving natural resources. Since living in a Maracay home is already doing your part to help the planet, we figured we’d provide a few extra ideas (complete with a Pinterest board too) for those who want to go above and beyond to protect this wonderful place we call home.


Who knew decorating your home could help the environment! A new trend in home DIY decor, "upcycling," is sprouting up about around the world. The idea is to repurpose or convert old or used materials, furniture and other items into something beautiful and functional, instead of throwing it away. Things like transforming mason jars into planters or your old sweater into a pillow are exactly the kind of resourcefulness the planet neds!

Home, Green Home

You can also create a greener home by making just a few simple adjustments every day. We shared a few tips on summer energy saving, which could especially come in handy in the next few (and very hot) months! Some of the suggestions include changing your air filter frequently when in use, turning the dishwasher on only when it’s full, unplugging small appliances when not in use, and using fans during the warm months to save on a little AC use. These small changes can make a huge impact on your daily energy use, and ultimately, on the environment.

The Maracay Difference

Although your front yard may not actually include grass, your side will still always be greener if you chose a Maracay home. Each new home includes finishing touches that make the entire home not only eco-conscious, but also safer and more ultimately efficient. The LivingSmart® program, a comprehensive approach to developing high-performing homes that results in extra cost-savings for our homeowners, includes things that not only benefit Mother Nature, but your health as well. Low VOC paint, Radianz Quartz Countertops and Delta’s WaterSense® Faucets are just a few parts of Maracay Homes’ commitment to sustainability, the Earth and our Maracay families.

Photo credit: __MaRiNa__ / Source / CC BY