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Flex Design® Creates Choices

At the core of every Maracay Home are choices. Real choices for a home that is uniquely you. It starts with a floor plan. Then you expand the kitchen, add more closet space, another bedroom until… that’s it! A one-of-a-kind home that’s 100% you. When your vision is backed by Flex Design®, the choice is always yours.

Easily Personalize Your New Home

Have fun. Experiment. Once you arrive at your ideal layout, you can add and move furniture, install ceiling fans, locate electrical outlets and more. Create the perfect home with your Flex Design® choices. A home designed to meet your family’s individual needs. With everything in place, save, print or e-mail your favorite designs. Select from a variety of design options and incorporate them into your new floor plan.

Every family is unique, and your
home should be, too!

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