How to De-Clutter Your Home

How to De-Clutter Your Home

Posted 01/22/2014

Spring cleaning may still be a few months away, but there’s no reason to not get ahead on organizing if clutter has already begun taking over your home.

Disorder can result from a number of factors but getting your space back under your control and organized is an easy way to feel refreshed and less stressed. Here are a few tips on how to keep clutter out of sight:

Create A Functional Foundation
Maracay Homes makes organizing before you even move in easy with our acclaimed FlexDesign Program. Pre-arrange your floorplan online with a customizable layout that allows you to move furniture around, locate closets and identify electrical outlets before building begins. Planning a functional space with plenty of extra storage will set your family up for organizational success from the very beginning.

Remember Your Routine
To ensure you don’t have to spend an entire weekend re-organizing a few months down the road, spend 15 minutes every day tidying up little messes that accumulated througout the day. To make this easier to remember, designate a room to each day, such as on Mondays, you straighten up the bathroom and on Wednesdays, you wipe down the counters in the kitchen.

Start A System
If you simply don’t have time or space to put things away, stow away three boxes in a closet to help you keep a structured and clean home. Label the boxes “Put Away,” “Give Away,” and “Storage.” Once a week, de-clutter your house by dividing items into each box and everything that doesn’t belong, goes in the trash. This will keep tchotchkes, mail and new purchases out of sight and within a system. Once boxes are full, you can empty in the appropriate places.

Give Back
Donating is a great way to feel good about de-cluttering your home. Here’s a unique spin on the process: if you are overwhelmed by giving away boxes and boxes, try donating one item each day. Think about how clean and un-cluttered your home would be if by the end of 2014, you gave around 365 items away. Need some inspiration? Colleen Madsen accepted this challenge and has been blogging about the project and lessons at 365 Less Things.