Celebrating the Freedom Collection

Celebrating the Freedom Collection

Posted 07/07/2017

It’s no secret that having a home that fits your lifestyle is an important factor in living comfortably, whether you’re a young couple, growing family or have multiple generations living under one roof.

As life changes, however, so do our home needs, so it never hurts to plan for the future – especially when it comes to the home you plan to settle into during your Golden Years. This was our mindset behind our Maracay Homes Freedom Collection of designs located at our first-ever active adult neighborhood, Victory at Verrado. Developed in partnership with KTGY, a national architectural firm known for innovation in design for the active adult buyer, our Freedom Collection incorporates specific features – known as Universal Design – that add convenience and ease to living.

The concept was originally aimed at creating easily accessible spaces for individuals with physical disabilities, but has since evolved into the design of functional, stylish spaces that make maneuverability easier for anyone, regardless of age, size or ability. Also known as inclusive design, design for all, lifespan design or human-centered design, Universal Design is becoming increasingly popular among baby boomers purchasing homes with retirement on the horizon. These homes, essentially, allow residents to age in place without losing any comfort.

So, what makes Universal Design so appealing for the boomer generation? Here’s a closer look:

Single-floor layouts: One-story floor plans remove the need for stairs, which can be dangerous or difficult to climb up and down. With the bedrooms, kitchen, at least one full bathroom and common areas all located on the the same level, getting around the house has never been easier.

Step-free entries: Entering and exiting a home can be difficult for individuals with limited mobility because of the raised steps. But with Universal Design, the entries remain floor-level, allowing anyone to easily move from room to room, whether using a wheelchair, walker or their own two feet.

Wide doorways and hallways: With 36-inch-wide doorways, and hallways sized at least 42 inches wide, traffic within the home flows seamlessly, allowing for easy movement of furniture and people.

Convenient placement of controls and switches: Light switches and thermostats are placed no higher than 48 inches off the floor, within easy reach for most people – even those in wheelchairs. Likewise, electrical outlets are located 18-24 inches off the floor, making plugging and unplugging convenient for all.

Multi-level kitchen counter tops with open space underneath: Whether someone is wheelchair bound, has trouble standing for long periods of time or simply chooses to cook in a seated position, Universal Design kitchens offer lower counter space and leg room underneath for a more pleasant cooking experience.

For more information on Universal Design and Maracay’s Freedom Collection, please contact New Home Specialist Pam Meyer at 928-351-6461.