Ceilings with Charisma: 4 Design Trends to Elevate Your Space to New Heights.

Ceilings with Charisma: 4 Design Trends to Elevate Your Space to New Heights.

Posted 11/12/2019

We seldomly consider our ceilings to be the focal point of our home or the design element that immediately catches the eye of visitors. However, a stylish statement overhead is quickly making its way to the top of trendsetting designs.

A modern and charismatic movement in the world of interior decorating, innovative ceilings may be the creative key you’ve been seeking to turn your space into a strikingly stunning sanctuary.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite ceiling designs found throughout our homes, which may inspire you to take your space to extraordinary heights.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned or imprinted ceiling tiles are a contemporary, yet modest, decorative element easily implemented into any room to add a touch of personality. A timeless stamp of style, a simple ceiling pattern can create depth and architectural interest in your space and seamlessly complete your desired design aesthetic.

Feeling particularly bold? Choose to incorporate a variety of shapes, obscure patterns or geometric lines in your ceiling tiles to create a statement piece or cultivate a perfect balance between modern and traditional design elements.

Wood Beams

A modernized architectural feature, wood beams are utilized to bring a cozy and high-class component to any room, and they instantly enhance the texture and tone of your ceiling. More than wooden cabinetry or hardwood flooring, wood beams can make a space feel immensely larger, provide contrast and turn an otherwise plain space into a remarkable mix of rustic, warm and creative design styles. Not only a visually pleasing element, wood beams also act as extra structural support for your home and they can replace an undesirable load-bearing wall.

Painted Designs

Painted ceilings can bring newfound vibrancy and enthusiasm into your floor plan by taking advantage of the perfect opportunity to introduce color into your space or act as an alternative to multicolored furniture, throw pillows, rugs or artwork. The ideal canvas to create a vivacious masterpiece or delicate design, ceilings with color and design enhance your room’s character and act as the attention-grabbing focal point of your space.

Not sure where to begin? Use this creative ceiling trend to easily transform your children’s playroom or bedroom into a fun-filled, whimsical haven.

Simply Classic

Occasionally the crisp and classic white ceiling is the ideal element needed to pull your room together, but white doesn’t mean boring. If you are one who favors more subtle shades, consider using paint with a glossy finish or a satin resistance to create a clean and striking ceiling hue. Utilizing neutral colors will give your space a warm and welcoming tone and is guaranteed to coordinate with the rest of your room’s design elements. Add dimension by incorporating panels or wood beams and painting them all one color to create a seamless look.

Consider using this design trend in a space with a copious amount of natural light. The glow from Arizona’s natural desert landscape will complement the crisp white ceiling to create an inviting and natural space in your home – perfect for relaxing, reading a book or an at-home yoga session.

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