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Broker Guidelines

Relationships Are at the Heart of Everything We Do.

For more than 25 years, Maracay has been a leader in the Arizona real estate industry, providing homebuyers with smarter choices that serve both their lifestyle and the environment, while constructing more than 11,000 homes for families throughout Phoenix and Tucson. In that time, we have become known for our strong relationships with you, the agents and brokers who do so much to bring homebuyers into our communities. We have the people, programs, products and communities to help you reach your professional goals. With that in mind, we have prepared these referral fee eligibility conditions to help you take advantage of the financial opportunities we offer. We’ve taken great care to spell out these conditions in an effort to ensure that you, your clients and your company have a clear understanding of what’s required. Other conditions are enumerated below, and will be strictly enforced.  We reserve the right to modify or terminate this referral fee program at any time without notice.  Please see a New Home Advisor for further details.

Conditions to Receipt of a Referral Fee.

  1. You must physically accompany and personally register your client (i.e., the Buyer) on their FIRST visit to the participating neighborhood of their choice. If your client has previously visited the community without you present as their agent/broker, no referral fee will be paid.
  2. You must register in writing as the agent or broker for your client by signing a Broker Registration The form is available from our New Home Advisor at the New Home Gallery of the community in which your client is interested. The Broker Registration form attaches the Broker Co-Op/Referral Fee Agreement that you will be executing when your client enters into a Purchase Agreement.
  3. When you register your client, that registration will be effective for sixty (60) days. If your client has not executed a Purchase Agreement prior to the expiration of the sixty (60) day period, the registration automatically lapses and must be re-established in writing by re-registering your client. You must personally return to the New Home Gallery with your client to re-register them for another sixty (60) days by executing a new Broker Registration form. No email or fax re-registration is allowed unless approved in writing.
  4. Your client must execute a Purchase Agreement within the registration period (or re-registration period) and close escrow in the neighborhood to which you have introduced and registered them. If your client purchases a home in a different neighborhood, no referral fee will be paid.
  5. Should the registration period (or re-registration period, as applicable) expire prior to your client’s execution of a Purchase Agreement, no referral fee will be paid to you.
  6. We will provide all the necessary forms and contracts to your client. Forms not approved by us will not be accepted.
  7. Our community New Home Advisors will stay in communication with you, updating you on the progress of your client’s escrow and advising you of any questions that need to be answered by your client.
  8. The referral fee will be paid through, and upon the close of, escrow to the licensed brokerage company listed on the Broker Registration form (i.e., not directly to the selling agent or broker) by Maracay Realty, L.L.C., in its capacity as a licensed real estate broker representing Maracay Homes, if and only if:
  • The selling agent or broker listed in the Broker Registration form is still employed by said brokerage, and the licenses of the selling agent or broker and brokerage are active and in good standing;
  • The agent or broker executed the Broker Co-Op/Referral Fee Agreement concurrently with the buyer’s execution of the Purchase Agreement;
  • The buyer has not assigned the Purchase Agreement; and
  • Escrow closes.

If all of the foregoing conditions have not been met, we will not pay a referral fee. However, if you satisfy all of the foregoing conditions, you could earn up to 3% referral fee excluding the price of any options, upgrades, homesite premiums, and/or any incentives or allowances offered by Maracay Homes.

We Look Forward to Working With You.

Our goal is the same as yours: to help your clients achieve their home ownership dreams. Like you, we want their home buying experience to be smooth, efficient and rewarding, and we want that experience to be a credit to you. By following our guidelines, you can help ensure that everyone achieves their goals. Thank you for being our partner in success.

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