Bonus Rooms and Lofts

Bonus Rooms and Lofts

Posted 05/02/2018

Who wouldn’t love adding a little extra space to their home to bring the whole family together or escape from craziness of everyday life? That’s the beauty of bonus rooms and well-designed lofts. Bonus rooms and lofts provide that little something extra in a home. With one room that’s not designated for a particular purpose, you can create the functional space that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Bonus rooms and spacious loft have become desirable features for many of our Maracay homebuyers. Whether you’re looking to transform this extra space into the perfect place for family game night, do arts and crafts or study, we’ve got you covered with some bonus room and loft ideas that you could add to your home:

Family and Game Room: This is the best place for storing books, board games and video games for the family. It’s also the perfect spot to corral any clutter you may have lurking in the living room and remove it from the general common areas. Keep the space simple and clean with a few arcade games or you can keep storage quick and convenient with a small storage closet.

Home theater: A home theater gives your family and friends the ability to relax and enjoy a fabulous movie night in the comfort of your own home. Add in a small popcorn machine and make some delicious snacks to serve as your own concessions. Transform your bonus room into a theater by adding a large television, comfortable seating and dim lighting. You can even create a theme by adding things like sports memorabilia or old film posters and décor.

Craft Room: If you enjoy sewing or DIY projects, then turning your extra space into a craft room may be the best decision for you. Design this creative space with open shelving and storage so that all your supplies and equipment are within easy reach.

Home office: A cozy home office may be just the thing to occupy your extra space. Whether it’s in an enclosed room or in a nook located in the loft, a home office allows you to create a designated area to concentrate in a quiet place.

 Wine Room: If you love the occasional glass of wine and want to make it part of your home, consider creating a small tasting room for you and guests. From wine cellars to simple tasting rooms, there are many ways to creatively configure this space. Consider designing a wall-length wine rack or creating a little bar space with additional, comfortable seating for optimal relaxation.

Homework station or Play room: Whether it’s designed as a study and play room or a hybrid of the two, this room is created with the kids in mind. Organize school supplies and accessories in this space built for kids. Small desks and storage make for a great place to do homework, while bookshelves and bulletin boards create a better functional space. If you decide to use this as a play room, toys, dolls and games can conveniently be stored in this room made for fun and imagination.

If you’re thinking about moving into a Maracay home or want to know more about your options for designing a loft or bonus room in your new Maracay home, please contact our New Home Specialist Pam Meyer at