Back to School Prep.

Back to School Prep.

Posted 08/08/2019

August signals the end of summer vacation and the start to a new school year. While the kids may be fueled by enthusiasm and first-day jitters, parents have their own set of worries as school bells begin to ring across the Valley. From getting into the early-morning routine to planning for late-night homework sessions, there are a lot of responsibilities for kids and parents alike. 

But don’t worry. We’ve created a back-to-school checklist to ensure you start off the academic year on the right foot.

Get organized

With every school year comes a new calendar full of events, from PTA meetings and sports practices to music lessons and many other activities outside the classroom. To stay organized and ensure the kids are prepared for the days ahead, create a centralized family calendar detailing all the upcoming appointments, practices, meetings and to-do lists. This will cut out the chaos and teach the kids essential time-management skills.

For some, traditional calendars may not be the ideal solution. If you’re a tech-savvy family, consider using a shared family calendar app. These apps easily allow all members to manage events, add appointments or after-school practices, and remind others of their daily schedules.

Clean house

Nothing calms the back-to-school nerves more than a clean house, which is why we recommend turning the back-to-school season into a time for clearing out the old to make room for new. Before venturing out to stock up on school supplies and clothing, consider what’s already in your children’s closets. Take the afternoon to explore what you may already own, and give away or throw out the items that no longer serve a purpose. Freshening up your home will have you feeling ready to take on the new school year. And you may even save some cash by repurposing gently used items.

Establish a routine

For many families, the daily routine goes right out the window within the first few days of summer vacation, making it difficult to get back into the swing of things once the school year begins. Avoid the chaos by creating a morning and evening checklist with to-do items for the kids. This not only will help them stay on task, but it will relieve some of the stress that comes with running late. Implementing a consistent schedule will also help ensure you all get a full night of sleep. Plus, daily routines have been shown to help children become more independent and develop critical life skills.

Create a study area

Take the struggle out of doing homework and create a space in your home designated for studying. Before you settle on a location, consider which room is best suited for the job. Choose a quiet space, far from the distractions of TV and video games, and be sure to take advantage of natural light, which improves productivity. Try adding comfortable and colorful furniture to brighten up the space and get the creative juices flowing. These are just a few of the many things you can do for your kids to improve their study habits and keep them motivated all year long.

Bonus Tip: Keep the space stocked with healthy snack options to help the kids perform their best.

Prepare nutritious lunches

Prepping school lunches ahead of time will make for an easy morning and a satisfied child. If possible, try preparing the week’s lunches on Sunday evening, using dinner leftovers as a starting off point. Explore tasty and kid-friendly lunch ideas like broccoli and bacon mac-and-cheese, a turkey Rueben sandwich, a take-to-school taco bar or shark quesadillas. These quick and nutritious recipes are perfect for packing in lunch boxes and will keep your kids happy all year long.

From all of us at Maracay, happy back-to-school season!