Back to School: Fun Lunches for Kids

Back to School: Fun Lunches for Kids

Posted 08/07/2013

98437130_7If your kids aren’t already in school, they will be boarding the bus and headed back for their first day soon. Start this year off on a fun note with meals they won’t want to trade. Treat your kids to a healthy and creative lunch that won’t take long to prepare.

Bento Boxes
Bento boxes are very popular right now. These are the same boxes you have seen at Japanese restaurants filled with rice, fish, meat and veggies in individual compartments. They now come in a variety of fun colors and materials and are perfect for sending with kids for a well-balanced meal. Pack in fruit, a sweet snack and a creative sandwich, like these mini-waffle sandwich flowers or ham and cheese stacks. For yourself (and the older kids), grab a larger box and fill with salads, hearty sandwiches or leftovers for a lunch that will make coworkers jealous.

Themes Aren’t Just for Parties
Punch up the surprise of the bento box and theme the food with a few simple ideas. Does your son fancy himself a wizard? Theme his lunch after Harry Potter series and make some pretzel wands and witchy grapes. Wish a nervous student good luck on their reading test with a reading-themed lunch, complete with letter cookies from Trader Joe’s.

Healthful and Thoughtful
There is a lot of processed junk food that can be thrown in a child’s lunch box, but taking a few minutes to prepare healthy snacks can make a difference in a child’s long-term health. Pack whole-grain tortillas with turkey instead of a PB&J or a bean-and-veggie quesadilla. Also, let the kiddos have a say in what goes in their lunch box and let them pick their favorite fruits and veggies. They will more likely to enjoy the food and it’s great pra=ctice for them to learn healthy decision-making.

And the added bonus? All of the above ideas can be made the night before to ensure a slightly less crazy morning!