Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Back-to-School Lunch Ideas

Posted 08/17/2016

Now that August is in full swing and fall approaches, most schools are back in session. That means the kiddos are gathering their supplies, picking out their outfits and filling their backpacks, waiting to greet their friends and make new ones in this new school year. 

Start this school year on a creative note, with lunches that are not only tasty and kid-friendly, but also healthy and nutritious. (We promise, we won’t tell.) We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorites. Take a look:

Skip the Sandwich

Traditional PB&Js are a thing of the past. Switch it up and surprise the kiddos with lunchtime variations, like flatbreads and wraps, that aren’t your typical sandwich. Try this Rotisserie Chicken Club Wrap or fun, portable Hot Dog Wrap for the picky eaters in the family. Or try a creative, portable take on pizza with this Pizza Quesadilla. For another untraditional take on a classic lunch, try these Grilled Cheese Roll Ups and serve with a side of tomato soup for dipping!

Build Your Own

Store-bought lunch packs can get expensive, and most are packed with excess sodium and sugar. So why not make your own? Enlist the kids and make a day of it! This ham, cheese and cracker-variation will be a hit with the kids. Use cupcake wrappers to compartmentalize each item, just like the store-bought packs. The sky is the limit with different alternatives, from build-your-own pizza to mini pancake dunkers!

On the Sweet Side

Just like a trusty sidekick, a lunch is only as great as its sides, and more specifically, its dessert. Add a sweet treat to their lunch with unique and healthy snacks that your little ones won’t even know are healthy! Like Nutella & Banana “Sushi,” Chocolate-Dipped Mandarin Slices or Avocado Brownies