A Home For the Modern, Multigen Family

A Home For the Modern, Multigen Family

Posted 09/18/2014


In 1980, around 28 million Americans lived in multigenerational households, according to Pew Research. That number has since doubled, to around 57 million Americans, in the past 20+ years. Multigenerational homes are anything but uncommon in America and the great thing is, the housing market has been adapting to the trend, creating amenity-rich and expansive homes ideal for large family living.

The new form of multigenerational housing is here, and thanks to Arizona home builders like Maracay, it’s more comfortable than ever. Whether for weekend visitors or extended stays, our New Arizona Living Collection gives family-living a bigger and better definition of what it means to have multiple generations (or even a few guests) together under one roof.

These new designs include fully-equipped attached and detached suites aimed to integrate components of both modern and classic family living. Maracay Homes’ generation suites offer a multitude of options to accommodate every family’s lifestyle and needs from an extra car garage, detached casitas, large kitchen island or less formal great room for more connectivity.

The beauty of Maracay Homes’ innovative design is the ability to have amenities and luxury, without sacrificing privacy and space!

The thoughtfully designed generation suites can also double as a guest room, perfect for when family or friends are in town. In the attached or detached suites, guests can enjoy their own private space, but remain close to the family. So whether the in-laws are staying for Thanksgiving or moving in permanently, they’ll feel right at home.