Apps That Make Moving Easier

Apps That Make Moving Easier

Posted 03/02/2016


After months of searching online, attending open houses and driving all over town, you’ve finally found the home of your dreams. Congratulations! But before the housewarming party starts, there’s still some work to do, from finding reliable professional movers to locating a convenient self-storage facility. 

Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help you accomplish much of the moving process right from your mobile device. We did some digging and found a few that top our list.

Here’s a closer look at our top five moving apps that will have you settling into your new place faster than you can say “dream home.”

MagicPlan: Not sure how to arrange your furniture in your new digs? Not to worry. This apps “magically” creates a virtual floor plan so you can mix, match and move your stuff around the house without even breaking a sweat.

Roadie: Simply put, it’s carpooling for cargo. This app connects you with drivers already heading in your direction, so you can easily send your stuff to your new place faster and cheaper than using a traditional moving company.

MoveMatch: Only available on an Android device, this convenient app allows you to not only determine the approximate weight of your items, but also explain to the movers which rooms to drop off your boxes.

Hotel Tonight: Picture this: you travel all the way across the country, but when you get to your new dream home, you’re a day or two ahead of your established move-in schedule. No need to worry. Hotel Tonight has you covered. Download the app to find last-minute hotel deals and at least you’ll be dreaming of your new home from a cozy hotel room.

Instacart: It’s easy to work up an appetite when you’re moving, but the last thing you want to do is stop what you’re doing and run to the store – especially if you haven’t yet learned where the closest grocery store is located in your new neighborhood. This fun app lets you order groceries that can be delivered right to your door. It’s like an entire grocery store at your doorstep. 

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