Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted 01/09/2013

For many, the start of a new year calls for rejuvenation. We set new goals, we recommit to our health and for homeowners, a new year is the perfect time to turn your attention to your home, too. Taking the time to refresh your space at the start of the year will help to ensure a safe and healthy 2013 for you and your family.

This January, take a moment to take care of these crucial home maintenance projects:

  • Countertops: To keep your granite counters looking beautiful, clean regularly with a natural PH stone cleaner and reseal them yearly. Difficulty: Easy.
  • Block Wall: Retain your privacy and security. Inspect and repair minor cracks and paint as needed. Difficulty: Instruction recommended. 
  • Walk Out Decks: Inspect deck surfaces for cracks in coating, loose boards and surface sealers. Minor maintenance and repairs extend deck life and help avoid costly water damage to the building components below. Difficulty: Instruction recommended. 
  • Drywall: Help your home's overall aesthetics and appeal while improving the appearance of finished interior wall surfaces. Remember to keep your home conditioned so that it is not exposed to large temperature swings which  can create cracks and nail pops. Set nails, fill cracks with drywall compound, caulk corners and paint as needed. Difficulty: Instruction recommended. 
  • Exterior & Door Trim: Caulking and painting keeps your home water tight. Improve the appearance, extend major maintenance periods and reduce chances of water intrusion that may lead to mold and mildew. Difficulty: Instruction recommended. 
  • Foundation:  A healthy foundation makes for a healthy home. Check for standing water at foundation. Do not dam flow of water on side yards with sidewalks, curbing or other materials. Repaint any flaking or peeling paint. Hairline cracks are normal- fill and repair them as needed. Contact a professional for any cracks larger than 1/4". Difficulty: Instruction recommended. 
  • Gutter & Downspout: Prevent overflow onto walls, eave leaks and extend gutter life. Inspect and clean safely using the correct ladder. Difficulty: Some skill required.
  • Plumbing Shut Off Valves: Ensure proper operation and keep your whole house water shut off and irrigation back flow valves in good working order. Shut off the valves, then turn them back on. This helps reduce the amount of hard water minerals from locking valves in place after years of not being used. Difficulty: Easy. 
  • Sliding Glass Doors & Windows: Keep doors and windows sliding freely. Clean lower door track and window tracks with a vacuum to keep them clean so they will operate and glide smoothly. Properly lubricated window and door tracks will help them perform better. Difficulty: Some skill required.
  • Sink Trap: Avoid backups and plugged drains, promote sanitation and reduce odor. Use only cleaners recommended by the manufacturer and be careful not to damage sink or drain finishes. Sometimes removing and cleaning the P-trap is necessary. Difficulty: Instruction recommended.
  • Smoke Alarm: Replace the battery in in every alarm yearly and clean according to manufacturer recommendation. Difficulty: Some skill required.
  • Stucco: Improve appearance and extend the life of stucco. Inspect, touch up and paint as needed. Hairline cracks are normal in stucco, caused by large seasonal temperature and humidity changes. Prompt repair of damaged stucco will extend the life of the stucco system. Difficulty: Instruction recommended.
  • Termites: Detected and treated early will prevent structural damage. If found, have a professional treat promptly. (Fun fact: each Maracay home comes with a 5 year termite warranty). Difficulty: Contact a professional.
  • Water Heater: Extend the life of your water heater, providing more efficient operation and using less energy. Draining a portion of the water helps remove sediment built up on the bottom of the unit, making it run less efficiently. Contact a plumber for any leaks or water discharge from the temperature and presume release valve. Difficulty: Some skill required.

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