Aging in Place

Aging in Place

Posted 11/09/2015


Have you ever stopped to consider that the home choices you make now may affect you years down the road, especially if you are shopping for a home that will carry you through your golden years? It’s a concept known as aging in place.

Aging in place means having the ability to stay in your residence of choice as long as possible as you grow older. It’s a term that’s becoming especially relevant in our society as the population ages. Case in point: Google “aging in place” and 102 million results pop up. In 2013, adults age 65 and older constituted roughly 14 percent of the U.S. population, and will account for an estimated 20 percent by 2050, according to census bureau figures. Studies show that, overwhelmingly, most older adults want to stay in their own homes, even if it means making some modifications.

If you’re shopping for a home that will be relevant not just for today, but for years to come, here are some features to consider:

Universal Design: Originally aimed at creating easily accessible spaces for individuals with physical disabilities, Universal Design has evolved to focus on functional, stylish spaces that make maneuverability easier for anyone, regardless of age, size or ability. Some of Universal Design’s most popular features include single-story layouts, step-free entries, wide doorways and hallways, grab bars and counters that are neither too low nor too high. The floor plans in our Freedom Collection series at Victory at Verrado are intentionally designed with active adults in mind, and beautifully showcase the very best elements of Universal Design.

Sense of Community: Aging in place is always more fun with friendly people around. Homes located in communities that offer things to do and people to do them with, and are surrounded by conveniences, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, medical care and restaurants, appeal to all. Maracay Homes takes special care to build in premium locations in metro Phoenix and metro Tucson that offer plenty of opportunities for residents to build community.

Low Maintenance: While they may seem like a good idea at the time, a large home with a swimming pool and a big yard to mow probably isn’t the best choice if you plan on staying there long-term. Instead, look for a lower maintenance place that will require less upkeep in the future. Our Sendera Place neighborhood in Chandler, for example, features floor plans from the Monogram Collection ranging in size from 1,404 to 2,492 square feet – large enough for comfort and fun, but not too big to manage on your own.