Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

Advantages of an Open Floor Plan

Posted 06/22/2017

It’s not difficult to see why open floor plans have become increasingly popular as of late. In addition to creating the illusion of more space, open floor plans offer increased natural lighting, better outdoor views, and a safer, more social environment.

Here’s a closer look at why we love open floor plans at Maracay Homes:

1. Safety
With an open concept design, keeping an eye on your little ones has never been easier, whether you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen, reading a book on the couch, or greeting a guest in the great room.

2. More Space
Without interior walls taking up all of the home’s square footage, the open space not only feels bigger, it actually is bigger. Plus, open floor plans are more flexible than typical floor plans, enabling you to bring your interior design concepts to life.

3. Seamless Entertaining
Still putting the finishing touches on dinner when your party arrives? Not a problem. With an open floor plan, no guest is ever left unattended, because the kitchen typically blends seamlessly into the great room and even the living room, creating an open space that allows the conversation to flow – even if the lasagna has five more minutes in the oven.

4. More Natural Lighting
Simply eliminating interior walls enables natural lighting to better travel throughout the home, offering a more uplifting environment and reducing the need for artificial light, which can do wonders for your electricity bill.

5. Connection to Outdoors
Once an afterthought, the backyard has now become an extension of the home, and builders are increasingly looking for ways to maximize the livability of outdoor space. Modern designs have replaced the visual barriers that separate the interior and exterior with oversized windows and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, which can easily open up, allowing homeowners to connect to the outdoors without being subjected to the elements.