Adding Fall Flair To Your Front Porch

Adding Fall Flair To Your Front Porch

Posted 10/18/2016


Pumpkin patches, hay rides, caramel apples and candy corn. It’s that wonderful time of year, when we get to enjoy cooler temperatures, fall festivities and more time with family and friends. Celebrate your love for fall by hosting a front porch gathering for your neighbors to take in the sunset, soak up the cooler weather and show off your fantastic space.

Here are a few simple and easy ways to add a little fall flair to your front porch area:    

1. Wreaths: The perfect addition to any front door. Get crafty and create your own or purchase one at a local craft store. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

2. Pumpkins: A true staple of the fall season. Buying a few pumpkins and putting them on your porch, away from direct sunlight, is an easy décor addition this time of year.

3. Burlap: Another easy addition to your front porch. Try wrapping burlap or making bows to decorate your light posts and any outdoor furniture. You could even use burlap to make the wreath for the front door. Click here for a few examples.

4. Flowers: Potted plants in fall colors like yellow, dark red or orange are a bright and cheery way to get in the fall mood. Simply put a few potted plants on the front porch and you’ll be the prettiest house on the block. Just don’t forget to water!  

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