A+ Organizational Tips for Back to School

A+ Organizational Tips for Back to School

Posted 08/03/2012
Make your home a place where organization and productivity help your students thrive. [Photo Credit: Woodburn School District]

The big yellow buses are pulling up, school supplies are stocked on stores’ shelves and teachers are gearing up to welcome new students. It’s that time of year, yet again!

While parents may be sighing a breath of relief and kids may already be groaning about the impending pile of homework, the school year can be made a successful one for the whole family if we put our minds to it. With nearly any job or task, staying organized is key to a productive and effective lifestyle. As parents, staying involved and facilitating that organization starts at home.

Here are a few tips to help your star students get organized for the school year:

  • Make mornings hassle-free: Start off your day by not being late! Get kids ready the night before by picking out clothes and preparing lunches prior to the morning rush. When morning comes, turn the race against the clock into a fun game- perfect for the Olympic season! Who can make a record for getting through all of the steps of their morning routine? Kids will enjoy the competition and moms and dads will enjoy getting to work on time. A stress-free morning means smooth sailing for the rest of the day for focused kids.
  • Plot it out: Help your student stay on track by keeping a calendar. Write everything down, from social activities, assignments and sporting practice on a large calendar in a communal space in your home. Be it the kitchen, game room or den, make a place to meet each day to plan out what’s ahead and ensure that students never miss a beat. Offer a color coding or sticker system of their choice so they can take some creative pride in the process, too!
  • Designate a study spot: Good study habits begin at home so make sure your student has a quiet, non-distracting and well-lit spot to work. Designate a comfortable and well-equipped area that is near a communal space but away from distraction, such as an area of the kitchen or living room. This area should not offer direct access to the TV but it should keep your kiddo close enough if they need your assistance with those pesky math problems.

Have more ideas? Share what works well in your home!